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Murphy & Vicker’s has been representing and protecting clients in Texas since 2006. During this time, we have built a reputation for success. Our firm is committed to delivering exceptional service and representation but more importantly, we provide you with an experienced team that has your back, one-hundred percent.  No matter what you need the team at Murphy & Vickers to do, you can be confident about placing your trust in our proven Texas legal team.

Corporate Law

In the Corporate Law arena, the firm represents business clients in all stages of commercial transactions, from the creation and utilization of business entities including LLC’s and Corporations, to daily, ongoing operations of a business, to corporate mergers and acquisitions, dispositions and restructuring, to the dissolution and winding down of a business. Our attorneys provide innovative, solution-driven advice at all stages of business and often act as outside..

Estate Planning

Murphy & Vickers. also assists clients in all areas of  Estate Planning including the creation of simple to complex Last Will and Testaments, the drafting of Living Wills including Statutory/Durable Power of Attorneys, Medical Power of Attorneys, Directives to Physicians, HIPPA Releases, Appointment of Guardian in Case of Need and Do Not Resuscitate Orders  and the establishing of Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts. We have experience in setting up and administering all types of..

Guardianship Law

The Attorneys at Murphy & Vickers, P.C. have extensive experience in dealing with Guardianship issues throughout Texas. Whether you need to take action to ensure your loved ones are protected in case of incapacity or you need to stop an individual from taking advantage of an elderly or another person unable to take care of themselves and make proper financial decisions we can assist you in..

Real Estate Law

Patrick Murphy began his legal practice as general counsel for a real estate development firm and quickly learned about the development, acquisition, disposition and leasing of a wide array of real estate. Our lawyers have drafted and negotiated thousands of commercial leases in the office, retail and industrial sectors and have worked on both the landlord and tenant side of such lease..

Probate Law

The attorneys at Murphy & Vickers, P.C. are experienced in all areas of Probate Law. Whether you need to probate a small or large estate, are having problems or questions regarding an Executor or Administrator of an estate or you are wondering about alternatives to probate such as a Muniment of Title or Small Estates Affidavit proceeding, we can assist you in determining what the best course of action is in any situation.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a complex situation and something you really don’t want to experience on your own. At Murphy and Vickers, we make sure you’re protected and guided through the process from the beginning to the end. Our firm is available to review your situation and we can create a plan to ensure that your bankruptcy is effectively executed and works for all..