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Guardianship Law

The Attorneys at Murphy & Vickers, P.C. have extensive experience in dealing with Guardianship issues throughout Texas. Whether you need to take action to ensure your loved ones are protected in case of incapacity or you need to stop an individual from taking advantage of an elderly or another person unable to take care of themselves and make proper financial decisions we can assist you in all areas of Guardianship and Elder Law. The attorneys in the Firm are knowledgeable with issues dealing with Altzeimers, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and other related medical concerns to assist and counsel you in the most complete and least invasive method of caring for family members. We work closely with Adult Protective Services and the Texas Department of Aging and Disability in many cases to stop Elder Abuse and protect individuals who cannot protect themselves. If you have concerns that someone you know is being taken advantage of or is unable to care for themselves then please contact us to discuss options as to how you may best assist them.