Murphy & Vickers Client Testimonials

President, Hyperion Properties, LLC and Sugar Creek Homes, LLC

Throughout the many years that we've done business with Murphy & Vickers, they have always provided our company with unsurpassed service. Patrick Murphy and Tom Vickers have treated my colleagues and me with the utmost respect and are consistently thorough and prompt with all of our deliverables. Thank you for your conscientious attention to detail and your first-rate approach to handling our legal matters. Sincerely,

Scott Frasier
President, Scott Frasier Homes, LC

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Patrick Murphy of the law firm of Murphy & Vickers, P.C. We have known Patrick for many years and have worked with him on many cases over the duration of our friendship and professional alliance. Patrick has a proven knowledge base regarding corporate, real estate and estate planning law with a focus on asset protection and wealth preservation through utilizing advanced strategies from a legal perspective. He can be relied upon to maintain the utmost fiduciary capacity in his dealings with clients and consistently places their best interest ahead of his own.

It is with great pleasure that I whole-heartedly recommend Patrick Murphy; whom I have found to be a competent, personable businessman, professional and entrepreneur.

Regards, John E. Hill, CTS, RFP Certified Tax Specialist and Registered Financial Planner Managing Partner, Houston Business Advisors, L.P. Managing Partner, The PlanSource, L.P

At Murphy & Vickers, we pride ourselves on establishing value-added, on-going and positive relationships with our clients. Here are some letters from clients of Murphy & Vickers.

"The Law Firm of Murphy and Vickers has been instrumental in the success of our business. Sound, thoughtful, relevant, legal advice is consistently provided in a timely manner. This advice helps us to make smarter choices in the ever complex and challenging world of today's business environment. The vast experience and resources of Murphy and Vickers additionally allows us to better manage our overall costs. Murphy and Vickers offers a coordinated approach in assisting clients with the understanding, summarizing and presentation of complicated legal matters thereby eliminating the need to seek multiple sources of legal advice. This is significant benefit to a small, growing company such as ours that constantly seeks ways to manage costs."

L. Randall Dobbins
Dobbins International, Inc.
Dobbins BioFuels, Ltd.

Patrick Murphy has been our primary attorney for Hyperion Properties for the last 7 years. His services to our firm have been invaluable in the areas of corporate formation and contract development. Many times our business requires immediate attention and precise documentation. Patrick has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Regards, James D. Foster