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     Murphy & Vickers, P.C. is a Texas Law Firm with offices in Houston and San Antonio offering a wide range of Corporate, Probate and Real Estate legal services including civil, contract, entertainment, business, probate, mediation, non-profit and real estate legal services. Our clients range from private individuals and small businesses, to mid-sized and larger nationwide privately held and publicly traded companies.



In the Corporate Law arena, the firm represents business clients in all stages of commercial transactions, from the creation and utilization of business entities including LLC’s and Corporations, to daily, ongoing operations of a business, to corporate mergers and acquisitions, dispositions and restructuring, to the dissolution and winding down of a business. Our attorneys provide innovative, solution driven advice at all stages of business and often act as outside general counsel to such business entities.


The attorneys at Murphy & Vickers, P.C. are experienced in all areas of Probate Law. Whether you need to probate a small or large estate, are having problems or questions regarding an Executor or Administrator of an estate or you are wondering about alternatives to probate such as a Muniment of Title or Small Estates Affidavit proceeding, we can assist you in determing what the best course of action is in any situation. If you would like to learn more about Probate click here.



Murphy & Vickers, P.C. also assists clients in all areas of Estate Planning including the creation of simple to complex Wills, Living Wills including Statutory/Durable Power of Attorneys, Medical Power of Attorneys, Directive to Physicians, HIPPA Releases, Appointment of Guardian in Need, Do Not Resucitate Orders and the establishment of Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts. We have experience in setting up simple and tax planned trusts and legal issues involved with trust management.



The attorneys at Murphy & Vickers, P.C. also have extensive experience in dealing with the legal complexities arising in and around Guardianships.The Attorneys at Murphy & Vickers, P.C. have extensive experience in dealing with Guardianship issues throughout Texas. Whether you need to take action to ensure your loved ones are protected in case of incapacity or you need to stop an individual from taking advantage of an elderly or other person unable to take care of themselves and make proper financial decisions we can assist you in all areas of Guardianship and Elder law. For more information click here for Guardianships 



As Real Estate experts the firm can help guide your through all of the intricacies of your commercial or residential real estate deal whether it is the buying or selling of a residence to in depth counseling regarding the purchase or lease of large commercial property.

501(c)(3) NON-PROFITS

Our attorneys also assist individuals in forming 501(c)(3) Non-Profit entities and counseling in operations and requirements under the IRS regulations.



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